Kindergarten Students Create Nature Numbers Deep in the Orchard Woods

Today’s classroom pop-in highlights the best kind of classroom, anything outdoors. No walls, no roof, no problem! 
Last week, kindergarten students in Mrs. Hawkins and Mrs. Fischer’s classroom trekked through the Orchard woods in search of a new outdoor learning space. Just past the Wild Woods on the south side of the campus, they discovered a large area that could fit their entire classroom.
Students earned a sense of ownership while working in their new space as they cleared branches, created a wall and doorway, and pulled weeds.
Enjoy this video that shows what a math lesson looks like at The Orchard School. #onlyatorchard

*Please note: all photos and videos were taken with a professional zoom lens while wearing a mask. Some of the photos and videos were zoomed in during editing. Also, certain angles with a DSLR camera and prime lens can warp depth of field, making it looks like people are closer than they really are. Students in this video are still practicing how to move across campus with a mask. Once they settle into their spaces (6ft from their peers), they’re free to take their masks off. Some choose to keep them on.

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