The First Week of School 2020: Video & Photo Album

The Orchard School’s 98th year is undoubtedly one for the history books. While there have certainly been challenges, the connection and support of the entire Orchard community are what truly stand out. Every member of our community plays a crucial role in creating a happy, healthy, and engaging experience for our students.
Thank you to our teachers, students, parents, board of trustees, board of governors, administration staff, maintenance staff, food service, and custodians for all of the hard work leading up to safely bringing our students back on campus!
Enjoy the short video and photo album below that highlights a successful first week of school.
Owls forever!

*Please note: all photos and videos were taken with a professional zoom lens while wearing a mask. Some of the photos and videos were zoomed in during editing. Also, certain angles with a DSLR camera and prime lens can warp depth of field, making it looks like people are closer than they really are. 

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