Nature at Orchard Took Over After Students Left for Remote Learning

Orchard families, we sure missed having you here on campus during the last couple of months of school. It was not the same without you, and our teachers wanted nothing more than to be teaching and learning right alongside their students. In true Orchard fashion, we all took the challenge as an opportunity and made the best of the situation during remote learning.
However, nature at Orchard felt a different way. The animals, in particular, were thrilled and came out to play! Some of the animals on campus might be a little sad about sharing their new play spaces with the humans again this fall. 😀
Enjoy these photos of nature at Orchard that were taken from March 11 to May 22.
    • Field of Foxes

      There might be a dozen of these furry friends throughout the Orchard property. 

    • Hawk Stalk

      This guy comes around every other day. The robins are still trying to find the best places to hide their nests. They learned the hard way early on.  :/

    • The First Day for Ducks

      “We want to take a quack at this learning thing!”

    • Wandering Woodpeckers

      These birds made many appearances in the Orchard woods, but they started showing up more frequently around the main entrance in May.

    • Bell Tower Flicker

      This flicker typically pecks on parking lot lights, but on this evening he chooses the bell tower on The Green. It echoed forever!

    • Too Bad Turkey Vulture

      Turkey vultures typically eat carrion, garbage, or reptiles. Between all the other animals who have come out of hiding, there’s not much left for this friend. 

    • Random Robin Homes

      Robins noticed less foot traffic on campus just a couple weeks into remote learning. They sure picked some interesting places to call home. Lucky for us, we had a front-row seat to watch them start a family!

    • Bird Box

      Orchard has MANY bird boxes around the campus, but for some reason, all the birds have been hanging out on top of their shelters. :)

    • Sweet Sounds

      This song sparrow spent a lot of time on the roof over the middle school English room. He was there most mornings around 10 am.

    • Frog Friends

      Just like the ducks, toads would often gather around the main entrance of the building throughout the last few months of school—ready to leap into learning!

    • Ready for the Ropes Course

      We found this salamander hanging out by the sugar shack. Eventually, this little buddy made his way to this sign. Maybe they wanted to join us in thanking our awesome parents from the class of 1998.

    • Pretty in Pink

      This photo was taken the day this redbud bloomed. It only lasts about a month until it’s back to green.

    • Bittersweet Backyard

      Only Orchard folks understand the uniqueness of this photo. Because of COVID-19, this might be the first time ever that this field on the playground was able to grow grass. The green grass is pretty, but we would’ve much rather seen kids playing tag, soccer, or football in the dirt. 

    • Not Your Typical Tulips

      Before we moved to remote learning, Orchard students planted 1000 tulips to make a positive impact on the community. Science teacher Mrs. P delivered some of these flowers to residents of a local nursing home. The rest were offered to neighbors within walking distance of the campus.

    • Collecting Kindness Rocks

      These words to live by were found on the kindergarten playground on April 11. When students return in August, there will be three new natural playgrounds!

    • Ready to Write

      An Orchard student left this pencil in Nut Town (an outdoor learning space on the south side of campus). The pencil is still there and will remain there until we see students again in August! :)

    • Other Campus Captures

      Orchard families, we sure missed you here on campus as winter gave way to spring. It was not the same without you. Below are some images springtime, sunsets, and campus captures from March 11 through May 22.

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