The Orchard School Wins Five Educational Advertising Awards

First things first, these awards are a direct reflection of our amazing community. There would be no content to distribute without our amazing students and teachers leading the way. We are able to generate daily content because of their hard work and dedication to Orchard's mission!

It was another great year for Orchard’s Marketing & Communications department.
Each year, Orchard enters the Educational Advertising Awards, which is the nation’s leading marketing publication for higher education marketing professionals. Judges are made up of a board of directors, advertising creatives, and marketing and advertising professionals from all over the country.
This year, over 2350 entries were received from major colleges, universities, and secondary schools from all fifty states and several foreign countries. In total, only 660 tiered-awards were handed out and…Orchard won FIVE awards!
Most of the schools/universities like Notre Dame, Baylor, and Loudoun have teams of large departments and even use outside professional companies, so kudos to Orchard’s entire advancement team for being recognized alongside major universities.  

Below are the stories and designs that took the cake for the 2019/2020 academic year:

It is difficult to win a GOLD award and this was only Orchard’s second time winning one. We won two years ago for social media.

Top schools in the running: Auburn University, California State University, LSU College of Science

Third year in a row with a win in this category, and back to back SILVERS.

Top schools in the running: Baylor University, Oregon State University, Utah State

First time ever winning in this category.

Top schools in the running: Washington University in St. Louis, Utah State University, Notre Dame, Valparaiso University, Loudoun Country Day School

First time winning in a category for video. Received Silver for last year’s Almanac.

Top schools in the running: Iowa State University, The Dunham School, Cathedral High School, St. John’s UniversityEmory University, Toledo Public Schools, Synapse School


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