The First Day of a New Decade at The Orchard School

Students returned from winter break today, and they picked up right where they left off! The only difference…a new decade! :)
Things noticed:
Preschoolers were building tall towers, reading with their teachers, and counting strawberry cookies made from red play doh. 
Kindergarteners were sharing winter break stories during morning meeting. Some people went to the beach, stayed home, or travelled to their grandparent’s home.
First graders were were finishing up their snowman paintings and brushing up their addition skills.
Second graders worked in teams of two on the floor while playing math games. Who needs desks!?
Third graders sounded like they never missed a beat during Spanish class.
Fourth graders enjoyed a hands-on activity of connecting wires to a battery that turned on a tiny light bulb.
Fifth graders were on the ropes course doing the postman walk. Fifth graders’ experiences on the ropes course serve as a springboard for conversations about the challenges that come along with changing bodies and brains.
Sixth graders enjoyed getting back together with their friends in Orchard’s No Place for Hate Club.
Seventh graders were cooking up yummy cookies during their club time. They also helped Makerspace Coordinator Scott Weaver move his stuff into the freshly-finished Fred Lorenz Makerspace!
Eighth graders started a unit on bacteria, so they were all over the school swabbing random objects trying to collect a good amount of data. They will eventually track and calculate the growth of their bacteria over the next week or so.

Overall, it's always great to have students back in the building after a long break. Watching them reconnect with friends and teachers is so heartwarming. Cheers to a new decade!

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