Video: Orchard Students Enjoy Science Class from 30 Feet in the Air

When learning about kinetic versus potential energy in fourth grade, our teachers take advantage of our ropes/challenge course. One student at a time is hoisted 20-25 feet into the air. While tethered in place, the group shouts, "Potential! Potential! Potential!" Then, the hoisted student shouts, “Maximum potential energy!” as they release the rope and swing freely in the air. 
The goal is for the students to physically feel the difference between the two types of energy that they’re studying in class while gaining confidence and trust in their team. A true #OnlyatOrchard experience.
You will not be able to wipe the smile off of your face after watching this video. This is what it’s all about—fostering lifelong learning by adding moments of pure joy to the curriculum. 
Sit back and enjoy the students' perspective of an afternoon science class at The Orchard School.


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