First Grade Authors at Orchard Present their First Published Piece of Writing

First graders at The Orchard School integrated skills from language arts, public speaking, art, and self-realization to complete their first published book!
This important work accompanies a year-long Illustration Study and provides an opportunity to honor student voice and build a stronger community. 
Students started this project by researching and narrowing down their favorite books. After talking about why they loved the books they chose, students brainstormed ideas or topics that they felt passionate about. These discussions created an authentic purpose for writing and gave students the platform for deep thinking and learning.
Once students started writing they quickly realized the importance of including a beginning, middle, and end to their stories. Students then learned how to edit, revise, and finalize their work throughout the process. On top of all of this, students were also the illustrators and publishers. It was a busy couple of weeks!
All of this hard work paid off on November 17 when these confident six and seven-year-olds presented their books in front of classrooms that were full of friends and family members. From as early as preschool, Orchard students have multiple opportunities to craft their public speaking skills. A lot of those moments happen during Morning Meeting, a school-wide initiative when students come together as a classroom to greet each other, share accomplishments, discuss the day's schedule, and more. This Responsive Classroom technique nurtures a child's social and emotional skills.

This project was a wonderful way to help develop a sense of community and foster connections between home and school experiences. Enjoy the pictures below!

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