GoPro Video & Photo Album: Students Gain a New Perspective in the Orchard Woods

If you drove by campus last week you might have seen our second graders soaring above the treetops to get a new perspective of the world. This team-building activity is much more than just an #onlyatorchard experience. It’s also a great kick-off to potential science projects. Last year’s group ended up working with The World Wildlife Fund!
Before students are hoisted up, they explain how they’re feeling and set a goal for themselves. As they reflect on this perspective activity, students will journal about their experience asking themselves, “Where do I stand in relationship to this environment, community, and my peers?” All of this work contributes to the curriculum thread that runs through second grade, “Narratives of Impact.”

Keep scrolling after the video to see a small photo album. The pictures are only two days apart, but they show how fast the leaves can change colors during autumn in Indiana.
Progressive education tenet: It’s one thing to imagine what it’s like to be as tall as a tree, but being able to do it creates joyful learning. The best pathway to deep understanding, skills and knowledge is through active, rigorous, hands-on learning that taps into students’ instinctive curiosity.
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