The Orchard School Families Project: Holden Family

What’s your definition of family? Although the dictionary has different definitions of family, the meaning of the word is special to the individual. The Orchard Families Project was designed as a way to build connections and celebrate the families we have in our Orchard community. The project is very simple, what does family mean to you? We asked some families to answer very simple and fun questions that explain what makes their family unique. We hope you will take the time to get to learn more about the families that make up our community. After all, we are all a part of the Orchard family! 
The Holden family consists of Kim, Kent, Von, Lulu, and Avi. They have been an Orchard family for eight years. Von is in 8th grade and is a member of the Brown/Kirtz advisory, and Lulu and Avi are twins both in 6th grade in the Burris advisory. 
Family means togetherness for the Holden family. They always share hugs, conversations, and encouragement. Their daily-drive to school involves sharing thoughts of gratitude. Each of them tells one thing that they are grateful for every day! Kim and Kent also encourage the kids to think outside of their immediate surroundings and environment. Their extended family is large and they like to include many friends as well. These are the people that they love and choose to share their time with!
The Holden family celebrates Christmas, Thanksgiving and the Fourth of July. They try to spend New Year’s Eve with friends, and they also enjoy small celebrations as the seasons change. 
Some of the traditions the Holden family have are gathering for the holidays and sharing meals with friends and family. Halloween is also a big tradition for the Holdens, as they decorate the house, dress in costume, and gather with the neighbors before the Dads take all the kids out trick-or-treating! Hunting for the perfect Christmas tree is also special for them. They go to the same place every year and the kids play hide-and-seek amongst the trees before lining up for candy canes at the end. They always find the perfect Christmas tree!
One favorite memory for the Holden family is spending time at Lake Michigan in New Buffalo. “It’s always a good time to relax and chill at the beach...water is the best therapy!” They especially enjoy the ice cream and good food. On their last day at the lake, they spend their time on the beach, concluding with a beautiful dinner at one of their favorite restaurants before the drive home.
What makes the Holden family the Holden family is that they fully love, support, and encourage each other.
Thank you, Holden family, for sharing your family with the Orchard community!

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