Motivated Orchard Student Needs Bottle Caps For Buddy Bench Project

Hal Schwartz, Director of Early Childhood & Elementary School
What I love most about Orchard is our focus on putting the child at the center of their own learning. In my role I have the pleasure of observing this child-centered and inquiry-led approach in action on a daily basis. Every day our students ask questions that lead to new discoveries, seek out authentic experiences, and learn to be the driving force in their own education. 

Meet Lily, a student who embodies all of these wonderful qualities. When Lily approached me about the idea of a “Buddy Bench” for our students, it was clear how motivated she was to persevere and tackle a number of issues that are real and important to her and Orchard. As you’ll see from this clip, Lily’s own internal drive to learn has empowered her to act authentically and have a real say on the things that impact her life. 

I hope you’ll help support the cause, and I look forward to seeing the power of a caring community in action! 

Be on the lookout for a BIG BIN in the Center that’s marked for bottle caps. It will have pictures of the acceptable caps right above the bin. If you have caps that your need to get rid of now, bring them to my office.

Thank you,

Hal Schwartz

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