Videos: Orchard Through The Seasons | 2019

Splashing Through Scenes of an Orchard Summer

School might be out for the summer, but the campus continues to bloom and improve. Enjoy the first bird's-eye view of the under-construction Makerspace, catch a glimpse of Orchard's beautiful garden spaces, and cool off in the courtyard pond. 

Orchard's Whimsical Winter Wonderland

Journey through Orchard's 43-acre wooded campus after the first significant snow fall of the year. To some, this would call for indoor recess and watching the snow pile up from inside of the classroom. At Orchard, curriculum work continues through exploration in the woods. From reading books inside of the cabin to tracking animal prints on the snow-covered trails, joyful learning abounds.

Final Days of Fall Foliage

The fall foliage around The Orchard School seemed very short-lived this year. We heard one student say, "The leaves changed colors, and then quickly dropped to the ground for me to play with!" We were able to capture some of the beauty before the bareness. Enjoy this video, filmed on November 7th, just days before all the trees gave way to winter a littler earlier than expected.

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