Photo Album: Roller Skating at The Orchard School

Roller skating in the gym is one of those #orchardtraditions that might seem like it's solely just for fun, but think again! Roller skating can have a significant impact on a child's social, physical, and mental well-being. 
During the second and final week of skating, a first-grader laced up, completed a couple of laps, and plopped down on the bench saying, "This is SO much harder than it looks. I think it's really fun, but GEEZ!" Not only is roller skating an incredible exercise, but it can also be intimidating, especially for younger students.
In some of the pictures below, you'll notice a few middle school students stayed back to help our youngest skaters feel more confident. They helped put helmets on, gave advice on the best ways to stay upright, and provided a helping hand when needed. What a great social and emotional learning opportunity for all!

Each year, first through eighth-grade students eagerly await this part of the PE curriculum. Alumni, do you remember skating at Orchard?

Enjoy the photos below! 

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