Orchard Elementary School Students Visit Local Hispanic Businesses During Spanish Class

Orchard students were able to tour Hispanic businesses up and down Michigan Road with offerings from three different countries: Mexico, Honduras, and El Salvador. One of the restaurants is closed on Mondays and they opened just for The Orchard School!
Students tasted Salvadoran pupusas and yucca-cactus fries, shopped in a Mexican-style market for traditional 7-day candles or "pan dulce,” and enjoyed Honduran coconut and guava popsicles.
This was a great opportunity for students to learn by doing in a real-world setting. It was rewarding to watch the third grade students use their Spanish skills to ask questions while interviewing the business owners. 
Curriculum connection:
Third graders have been studying how immigrants have helped develop Indiana over time. This was a great opportunity to expose students to businesses owned and operated by Central American immigrants to this country.

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