Orchard Preschool Students Create Unique Works of Art During Their Study of Identity

As part of the Multiage Preschool identity work, students in Mrs. Vincent and Mrs. Wingate's classroom decided to do a scrounge/recycle project where students had the freedom to make anything they wanted to, as long as it was something they loved. Sounds like the perfect Orchard project... helping the Earth, honoring student voice, and studying identity.
Each child brought in three pieces of scrounge from their home to share with the class. After a big pile was collected, the students were called over in small groups to pick out materials for a hands-on project. Each child had their own idea and story as to why they created their special piece. Teachers will build off of the unique stories each child has created for their work of art, in order to learn new things about their classroom community.
Scroll down to read the verbatim answers from our youngest students. Prepare to smile. 😀  
Progressive education tenet:
The study of identity is a major focus in all preschool classrooms at The Orchard School. Teachers believe that by having these important discussions about identity at such an early age, children will discover the true meaning of diversity, equity and inclusion. We believe this progressive education tenet is the key to make the world a better place.

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    • Kayson - Boat

      Why did you make a boat? “Because I want to go to Disney World on a boat. I made it all of tape and those (points to the caps) are the horns because I want it to be noisy on the boat.”

    • Connor - Car

      Why did you make a car? “I don’t like car I just wanted to make a flying car because it’s from my favorite movie…Harry Potter.”

    • Eliza - Car

      Why did you make a car? “Because I got a new car so I decided to make a car. My mom got a new car…a Volvo.”

    • Lucas - Tower

      Why did you make a tower? “Because making towers is my favorite thing. I like to build it.”

    • Stella - Face

      Why did you make a face? "Because I want it to be pretty and have, like, a birthday crown."

    • Alessio - Boat

      Why did you make a boat? "Because I want to play with it. I like that they can drive on the ocean."

    • Madeline - Castle

      Why did you make a castle? "Because it has a little secret hideout. It also has a little pool that you can swim in. It has a fence on top of the roof and even a water fountain for fun!"

    • Sebby - Tractor

      Why did you make a tractor? "Because they have trailers and they’re pretty."

    • Janie - Leaking Boat

      Why did you make a leaking boat? "Because it would be cool and boats are big."

    • Michael - Pirate Ship

      Why did you make a pirate ship? "Well, I like pirate ships because they have canons. If Jake and Peter Pan are in the books I even like those books."

    • Greyson - Airplane

      Why did you make an airplane? "I thought people will like it. I go on planes that takes you to our vacation. On March I am going on a vacation and I thought it would remind me of going to vacation."

    • Savannah - Castle

      Why did you make a castle? "Because I just like castles and I think it looks like a castle. They’re pretty and they look nice. And sometimes castles have sparkles on them, and they have flags, and my mom went to a castle."

    • Reese - Castle

      Why did you make a castle? "My castle has princesses and queens and nice puppies…and little bunny rabbits."

    • Eli - Rocket Ship

      Why did you make a rocket? "Because I thought it would look cool. These are beads because I wanted to make it beautiful. And there is some inside, too."

    • Langston - Secret Hideout

      Why did you make a secret hideout? "Because in a secret hideout nobody can see what you’re doing in there. And because there are swords in there."

    • Elias - Slide

      Why did you make a slide? "Because I thought mommy would like it and my sister doesn’t have a slide because one of hers got broken."

    • Andrew - Telescope

      Why did you make a Telescope? "So I can see the stars."

    • Wynn - Rocket

      Why did you make a rocket? "It goes fast in the air like Flash."

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