Orchard Students Turn To Wax During Research Project

Orchard fourth graders read the book, "Freedom Crossing" during their study of the Underground Railroad in Indiana. This generated lots of good discussion about the Civil Rights movement and people who took a stand against hate, trying to make the world a better place. 
Wanting to be agents of change for the good, students selected a “Changemaker” to research and write a speech about. However, instead of presenting traditionally, all fourth grade students dressed up like their Changemaker of choice and presented their work in the form of a wax museum. This gave the community an opportunity to see all of the “Changemakers” working together. 
Scroll through the pictures below as students and parents pushed buttons to hear all about the amazing work of Susan B. Anthony, Nelson Mandela, Jane Goodall, and many more!
Progressive education tenet: Practicing skills such as collaboration, creativity, flexibility, perseverance, public speaking, and critical thinking prepare our students for a lifetime of learning and leadership.


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