IndyCar Driver, Conor Daly, Visits Orchard's Winterm Course "Slot Car Racing"

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During the "Slot Car Racing" Winterm course, Orchard students had a special guest visit them earlier this week. Professional racecar driver, Conor Daly, visited the class to talk about the math and science behind auto racing such as: aerodynamics, combustion, suspension, tires, engines, brakes, acceleration, downforce, kinetic energy and so much more!

He also stayed to answer questions, and, of course, race with the students. Yes, he won every race.  

What is Winterm? Winterm is a two-week intensive class that meets in February where students study a topic of passion or strong curiosity. Rather than a superficial exploration, this model allows for great depth of study and understanding. This two-week intensive term is known as Winterm. During Winterm, students engage in one mixed-grade course which will go in-depth into a unit or field of study.One of the biggest benefits of an intensive class at a progressive school is students choose their Winterm course based on personal interest. This allows students the opportunity to run with an academic topic, which also fuels a personal passion. In this atmosphere, students are excited to pursue more information and dive deep into the curriculum. It is a pure celebration of learning within a group of students who share a similar interest. Examples of Winterm courses: a musical production; Cook Healthy, Eat Local; Business Leadership in the Next Generation; Marsville: Colonizing the Red Planet; Creative Writing and Illustrating; and Slot Car Racing.

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