Beyond the Classroom

Extended Program

Welcome to Orchard's Extended Programs. This division of the Orchard School is designed to meet your family's after-school needs. The safety and happiness of your child is of upmost importance to us at Orchard. In order for us to do our best to see to it that your child's experience during the after-school hours is a positive one, please familiarize yourself with the following Orchard School Extended Program guidelines:
  • All Orchard students are automatically enrolled in the Kids Connect program. Conference Day programs require pre-registration. Forms can be found on the Orchard Web site.
  • All children who are in the building before school or after dismissal and not under the direct supervision of an adult must be enrolled in one of Orchard's extended programs.
  • A student who is not picked up at designated pick-up times will join a Kids Connect program.
  • Unless otherwise specified (e.g. Kids Connect and Athletics), programs must be paid for in full before the beginning of the event or session. Specified programs will be billed through the business office. 
  • In order to participate in an athletic event, athletes and their parents must have turned in a signed Code of Conduct form.
  • In order for a student to participate in an event that requires leaving the campus (except for participation in athletic competitions), a signed permission slip must be on file in the Extended Programs' office. 
  • The Board of Trustees specifically prohibits the use of privately owned vehicles, operated by parents or volunteers, to transport students on school-sponsored field trips, except that a parent may transport his/her own child to and from the location of activity.
  • Parents are responsible for signing their children out of programs before taking them from the building. Students who have not been signed out could be charged for the full day program fee.
  • Students will be released only to an adult who has been pre-approved for pick on the child's Medical Emergency Form. Updates to this form can be made through the Admissions Office.
  • Any Middle School student without adult supervision who returns to school as a spectator for an Athletic event need to check into Teen Connect. Younger students are not to return to school without adult supervision.
  • If a parent requests that a student walk home after school or after an extended program, a signed permission slip must be on file at Orchard. This form is available from either the ES or MS department.
  • If the behavior of a child compromises the safety or experience of another student/adult or breaks a rule or code of conduct of The Orchard School, the child will be subject to temporary or permanent exclusion from the program.   
The Extended Programs' Team welcomes your questions, comments, suggestions and compliments. Please feel free to call or visit the Extended Programs' office at any time. We do our best to ensure that this program meets the high standards of The Orchard School.