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  • Orchard Hires New EC/ES Director

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    The Orchard School is proud to announce the hiring of Hal Schwartz as the new Director of Early Childhood/Elementary School. Hal brings energy, warmth, a love of children, and a quick intelligence to the job. Click here for more. Welcome, Hal!


    Click here to hear what local high school principals have to say about Orchard graduates.

    Congratulations to 2013 Orchard graduates Brenton Anderson and Zachary Thompson on being inducted into the National Honor Society at Cathedral High School!

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    Orchard Summer Camp

    Click here for the online registration and to view our 2016 Summer Camp Catalog.

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    A Meaningful Heritage

    Orchard’s founding philosophy honored children as the curious, insightful, dignified human beings they are — it is a heritage that remains at the heart of daily life at Orchard.

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    Global Readiness

    Orchard’s diversity, multicultural curriculum and world-conscious perspective equip students with the kind of insight and experience required in a global society.

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    Nature as Teacher

    In an increasingly urban world, nature remains central to the Orchard experience with over 40 wooded acres where students can learn, play, be inspired, soothed, intrigued and enlightened.

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    State-of-the-Art Resources

    In addition to laptop computers and iPads, students have access to 3-D printers that can print the projects the students design on Google SketchUp.

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    Successful Outcomes

    Leadership, critical thinking, confidence, communication skills, integrity, character, social skills, as well as proven high school and college success are recognizable attributes of Orchard students.

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    Diversity is a Given

    Integral to Orchard's academic excellence is a dynamic, multicultural education within a widely diverse community that is constantly evolving and growing.

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    Parents as Partners

    Involved families thrive at Orchard. Teachers and parents are viewed as a cohesive team sharing insights in order to maximize and complement a student’s learning and growth.

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    Best Teaching & Students Who Love School

    When students are “truly engaged” by teachers who have the time and interest to focus on each student and engage his or her intellectual and creative curiosity, learning is endlessly interesting.

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