Gifts of Scholarship (SGO)

Providing an Orchard Education for Students of All Socio-Economic Backgrounds

Gifts of Scholarship at The Orchard School

The School Scholarship Tax Credit Program was established to incentivize donations to help fund educational choice scholarships for families who wish to attend non-public schools. This tax savings opportunity is available to donors making a financial contribution to a qualified scholarship-granting organization (SGO). Orchard's preferred SGO partner is Sagamore Institute.
50% Tax Credit
Individuals or corporations who donate through the SGO Program are eligible for a tax credit equal to 50% of the donation amount against their state tax liability.

You might also qualify for a federal tax deduction! If you itemize on your federal return, be sure to include your SGO donation as a charitable deduction. 
Support Financial Assistance
The Orchard School is committed to making an exceptional education accessible to students from all backgrounds. It requires a great deal of funding to sustain this type of commitment to accessibility. During the 2018-19 school year, 21 students received financial assistance through SGO program donations for a total disbursement of $139,845.73.

Approximately every $12,000 donated through the SGO program serves another Orchard student in need.
Support Annual Giving
In addition to directly supporting our financial assistance program, 100% of all SGO contributions count towards Orchard's Annual Giving goal.

Please consult a tax professional about your specific tax situation.