Endowment Giving

Investing in Tomorrow
Growth of the school's endowment is critical to the continued success and financial health of The Orchard School.
A strong growing endowment provides the school with annual income while also protecting the school from the unpredictable ups and downs of economic cycles.
Giving to the endowment allows Orchard to fulfill its mission today AND tomorrow by ensuring the school’s long-term financial security as well as our ability to innovate our educational model over time. 
These investment earnings accomplish some key goals;
  • They relieve pressure on tuition and annual giving, allowing us to provide a level of affordability and accessibility for as many families as possible;
  • They allow Orchard to respond to changes in the economic and educational landscape in ways that best serve our students.
As an endowment donor, you have a unique opportunity to watch your gifts inspire, encourage and create excellence today, with the assurance that their investment will touch countless lives for generations to come.

Endowed Funds at The Orchard School