Orchard Student Receives High School Scholarship For Academic Achievement

Eighth grader, Nicholas was named a Cathedral Scholar for the Cathedral High School class of 2022. He’ll receive a scholarship to Cathedral worth $6,000!
To be considered for the scholarship, Nicholas had to score in the 96th percentile on the High School Placement Test, which evaluates verbal, language and reading comprehension skills, quantitative ability and math skills.  
Nicholas has spent his entire academic career at The Orchard School, where we mold curious minds and confident scholars through progressive education. We believe the best pathway to deep understanding, skills and knowledge is through active, rigorous, hands-on learning. One of our 9 Promises is Successful Outcomes, Nicholas is a prime example of this.
Outside of school, Nicholas enjoys playing the tenor sax, violin and guitar. He also loves playing baseball (travel and for Orchard). A highlight of his baseball career at Orchard was hitting a grand slam last year in the semi-final tournament game.
We are proud of you, Nicholas.
Good luck at Cathedral!