Farewell Letter to Orchard | Linda Gelhausen - 33 Years

More Than Three Decades at Orchard Add Up to Every Number of Good Things for Linda Gelhausen

Fifth-grade Math Teacher Linda Gelhausen - 33 years

While working at Evansville (Ind.) Day School in 1987, I visited The Orchard School and spent time with Middle School Math Teacher Terry Klotz. Not only did I recognize she was a gifted teacher, but I also realized Orchard was a very special place. Students were fully engaged while enjoying the activities and opportunities provided for them. The teachers clearly cared for the students and each other.

In the spring of 1989, my family decided to move to Indianapolis. Fortunately, Orchard was increasing from two classes per lower school grade to three that next school year. During my interview with Head of School Charlie Clark, workers started carrying out the furniture to begin his office renovation! I looked at him and asked if the chair I was sitting in would be carried out next. Not only was I not carried out, but I also was fortunate enough to stay at this wonderful school for the next 33 years!

There are many things for which I am grateful to Orchard. The professional development opportunities I’ve received here allowed me to stretch myself and my craft and grow professionally and personally throughout my tenure. Co-workers became not only friends but the extended family with which I shared many life experiences. My two children, Rob Gelhausen ’97 and Heather (Gelhausen) Manion ’99, experienced a truly unique and remarkable education. I have wonderful memories of the many children and families I worked alongside over the years.

Obviously, I enjoy numbers and data, so I added up a few facts about my time at Orchard:

Rooms taught in, 5                            
Heads of School, 6
Teams been on, 7
Teaching positions, 7   
Co-teachers, 27
Overnights with zero sleep tending to 10- and 11-year-olds, 30
Spirit Weeks full of crazy clothes, 66
Reports painfully written (and even more painfully edited by my wonderful husband), WAY too many!
Orchard students I was privileged to work with and love, approximately 1,408

I want to thank all of the amazing people who have been so kind and loving throughout my years at The Orchard School. You know who you are, and I greatly appreciate each one of you!

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