Orchard Fourth Grade Play: "Who Knew There'd Be Ghosts" 2021

The first fourth grade play of the year was last Wednesday at Orchard! We are so proud of our students for adjusting to the current times and making the best out of the opportunity to perform on stage. Students have spent months rehearsing and watching them shine under the spotlight was amazing!
Traditionally, fourth grade plays in the Orchard theater are packed with 250+ family members. For safety reasons, this year we aren't able to have that type of setting. However, this year, students were able to invite a couple of family members! 

Enjoy these photos from "Who Knew There'd Be Ghosts? - 2021 Edition."

In the younger grades, students are given a variety of opportunities to perform on stage. Whether it’s in a kindergarten fairy tale play, the first-grade variety show, or third-grade poetry night, students become comfortable performing at a young age. Formal drama instruction is highlighted in fourth grade when each class takes a turn presenting a full drama production. Click here to learn more about the fine and performing arts at Orchard.

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