Progressive Ed Moments | Photos From the First Few Weeks of School 2021

The photos below are snapshots of campus life and #progressiveedmoments during the first few weeks of Orchard’s 99th school year. Students have started all of their days with a temperature check and a mask on (if they’re indoors—optional outside while following guidelines from the Indiana State Department of Health).

Our Owls are also spending quality time outside—reading, writing, playing capture the flag in PE, using the sun during math lessons, and of course, dancing in music class. Enjoy the photos below!
    • A morning math class on the Green. The best place to learn about shapes!

    • Making geoboards in the #orchardmakerspace.

    • Middle schoolers are measuring shadows in math class.

    • Taking tech class outside for some writing time.

    • These kindergarteners are cleaning up their dedicated outdoor learning space. Before making nature numbers, the students measured the proper distance apart for their log seats, which they moved themselves! :)

    • “Orchard’s founding philosophy honored children as the curious, insightful, dignified humans they are!”

    • Third graders are using giant tree cookies to graph their similarities and differences.

    • Can you tell the difference between fresh water and salt water? These eighth grade scientists will let you know what they figure out!

    • Next 4 Pix: Middle Clubs are back! Clubs offer students the chance to explore interests, build leadership skills, and work within a multi-group peer set. Each club has a faculty facilitator. There is always a wide variety of offering that change each trimester. Examples are: Jewelry Making Club, No Place For Hate, Ultimate Frisbee, Yoga & Meditation, Karaoke Club, and more!

    • The garden is growing on the new Early Childhood playground…

    • …it’s also the perfect place for dancing during group sing!

    • Everything sounds good down the Arts hallway.

    • PE class by the Cabin HAS to call for Capture the Flag, right?

    • Mic check 1, 2…these fourth graders are reading a story together in one of Orchard’s new amphitheaters. What a great way to start the morning!

    • Cross country meets officially returned to Orchard's campus (aka the best cross country course around)!Congratulations to the girls and boys teams on your recent wins.

    • Recess, even for middle school students, is crucial.

    • No caption needed here. Wow!

    • Team building activities on Orchard’s 27-element ropes course.

    • Through the leaves part I.

    • Through the leaves part II.

    • Through the leaves part III.

    • Dean of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusions Ms. Pryor and Early Childhood & Elementary School Director Mrs. Girton breaking it down after this week’s all-school fire drill. Ha! 💃

    • Each year, Orchard’s wonderful Parents’ Association provides additional money for Early Childhood/Elementary School and Middle School. With these funds, divisions have spruced up lockers, painted common spaces, and much more. This year, Middle School Director Angie Brothers wanted to give the MS entrance a tune up with functional furniture that could provide opportunities for students to engage with each other. This pedal desk was the perfect solution! In addition to a daily recess time, our MS students can continue to stay active while reading, playing cards, or just socializing.

    • SPOTTED! :)

    • In-between learning about shapes, we had to get a picture of this first grader’s awesome outfit. Unicorn hoodie and awesome mask! 👌

    • How cool! Orchard PE Teacher Andre Kirtz and his son Ty Kirtz (Teen Connect Coordinator) have been teaching PE classes together for about a week now. Thanks for filling in to sub, Ty!

    • It’s so much easier to write about your surroundings when it’s in the Wildwoods.

    • Morning meeting outside + Responsive Classroom games = a great start to the day.

    • Hallway reads. Yes, please.

    • Middle School Director Angie Brothers and Early Childhood & Elementary School Director Heather Girton working on the Directors’ Desk in the Butterfly Garden.

    • Some of our Faculty/Staff are getting trained on our ropes course. This is a yearly activity!

    • To kickstart their identity unit, these first graders read “The Color of Us” and “Skin Like Mine” before working on their self portraits in one of our courtyards.

    • It’s a bug’s life!

    • #progressiveedmoments

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