Head of School Blog: "Our Hometown"

Dear Orchard Friends and Families,

Our city is in mourning after waking up to the news of a mass shooting at our Indianapolis FedEx facility.  As of this writing we do not know the names of the victims, or the motive of the gunman, and family members of FedEx employees are still awaiting news of their loved ones as IMPD continues its investigation.  As our country has emerged from stay-at-home orders brought on by the pandemic, we have been overwhelmed by national reports of mass shootings, and this one is in our hometown of Indy.  We mourn with the families and coworkers of our friends and neighbors. We share your grief in this senseless violence.  We hold each other in our hearts as we wait to learn more and try to understand how to help.

This tragedy in our city comes at the same time that our country has seen the shooting of Daunte Wright outside of Minneapolis, just 10 miles from where Derek Chauvin is on trial for the death of George Floyd.  And overnight, the video of last month’s police shooting of 13-year-old Adam Toledo in Chicago was released.  It is all so much to take in, and none of it makes sense.  

The loss of life across the last year from both the pandemic and violence has taken a toll on all of us.  We have often felt powerless in the face of so much loss, but we take strength in our community.  Take care of yourself.  Take care of each other.  We are here together, ready to lean on one another through our sadness and pain.

With a heavy heart, and with love for our community,

Sherri C. Helvie, Ph.D.
Head of School