Video: Outdoor Classroom Pop-In: 4th Grade Math & Science Class

Last Monday, just before lunchtime, we heard the sound of happy students echoing through the Orchard we hiked the trails to join in on the fun! The joyful noise turned out to be Jenny Johnson's fourth-graders working on a science and math lesson in their dedicated outdoor classroom space.

Watch below as science and math specialist Jen Mayhill explains how students use the Orchard woods to enhance math and science. These
#onlyatorchard experiences create meaningful learning opportunities that stay with children for the rest of their lives.

Keep scrolling to see more photos!

*Please note: all photos and videos were taken with a professional zoom lens while wearing a mask. Some of the photos and videos were zoomed in during editing. Also, certain angles with a DSLR camera and prime lens can warp depth of field, making it looks like people are closer than they really are. If teachers need to get closer than 6ft to a student, they always have a mask on and they're very aware of that timeframe, which is minimal. 

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