Video & Photo Album: Orchard Students Live Like the Pioneers During “Culture Days”

Fourth graders at The Orchard School are able to study the diverse cultures of early Indiana history in a very unique way. Rather than just sitting in a classroom, watching a video, or reading a book, we take our students outside to live like the pioneers!
This three-day event is full of hands-on experiences where students are outside working at various stations across Orchard's 43-acre wooded campus. From making food over a fire to working as a blacksmith, and from dressing like early cultures to using a real canoe (true to time period size) as shelter, students are given an #OnlyatOrchard experience.

Keep scrolling to see the photo album after the video.

Progressive education tenet:
Beyond traditional educational practices, knowledge is constructed through play, social interaction and direct experience, and this approach leads to academic achievement and success.

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