Spotlight: Orchard Middle School Student Named One of the Top Performers in the Premier I Division

Congratulations to Josie Studley ’20 on being named one of the top performers in the Premier I Division! The Premier 1 Division is in the Great Lakes Conference which is comprised of nine different locations (New York West, Pennsylvania West, West Virginia, Ohio North, Ohio South, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, and Kentucky). All of the coaches from those areas voted on the top 10 field players and one goalie. Click here to learn more about the Great Lakes Conference.

After hearing about her honor, we wanted to catch up with Josie, who is currently enjoying her final summer break at Orchard. She stopped by the school to chat and even kicked some goals (pics below)!
Have you done anything fun this summer? 
Yes! I have gone to several camps this summer. Also, my soccer team won state cup and advanced to regionals in Michigan. 
Eighth grade is just a couple months away. Are you excited? 
I am looking forward to the new teachers who I have seen around the school, but have not had a class with yet. I am also excited about the D.C. trip. I've heard a lot of good things about it.
Is soccer your favorite sport?
I love basketball too, but I have been playing soccer since age five and it is my favorite sport. My goal would be to play for a D1 school in college. I'd love to play in Southern California. 
What sport(s) will you play next year for Orchard? 
I would love to play soccer for Orchard, but I play year-round soccer now with only two months off, July and December. Playing that much soccer can lead to injury. I will play basketball for Orchard.
What do you love about Orchard? 
I love the freedom and ability that Orchard has given us to do projects that appeal to us as individuals. I also love that Orchard incorporates nature in their learning process. I like how we don’t sit down and do worksheets at desks all day. I'd much rather be outside learning than sitting inside a classroom. Orchard has been very good at building confidence in the students starting at a young age. I feel like I will be better prepared for what's ahead of me in high school and college because of my experience at Orchard. I have been fortunate to have learned from the best teachers here at Orchard. Oh yeah, we also have good food! :)

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