Orchard Students Develop More Than A Way With Words During Poetry Night

From Multiage Preschool through Middle School, Orchard teachers provide multiple opportunities for students to step out of their comfort zone in order to build confidence and showcase academic achievement. 
After researching and studying poems, third grade students were encouraged not only to write their own, but also to present them on stage to more than 250 community members! 
Students developed other skills during this project as well. Teachers incorporated mathematics, art, and technology throughout the process. In order to successfully promote the event, students had to measure all of the spaces outside of the theater. After they narrowed the sizing down, students hung their accompanying art on the walls, dropped items from the ceiling, and even had tables with computers reading their poems. In addition to all of that, the third graders even created all of the programs and flyers for the event.
Finally, students spent the following day writing reflections on the entire process.
Welcome to Third Grade Poetry Night!

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