Photo Album: Orchard Middle School Musical | Fiddler on the Roof

The Middle School musical is part of the Winterm class at The Orchard School. Winterm is a two-week intensive class that meets in February where students study a topic of passion or strong curiosity. Rather than a superficial exploration, this model allows for great depth of study and understanding. This two-week intensive term is known as Winterm. During Winterm, students engage in one mixed-grade course which will go in-depth into a unit or field of study.

Examples of Winterm courses: a musical production; Cook Healthy, Eat Local; Business Leadership in the Next Generation; Marsville: Colonizing the Red Planet; Creative Writing and Illustrating; and Slot Car Racing.
Typically, Orchard seventh graders do a musical. This experience opened the door for students from fifth to eighth grade to work together in a multiage environment. A lot of the stage design, such as the house, was created by our students. 
Overall, the musical is:
  • A vehicle that allows those students with natural and developed talents to further develop their dramatic, musical and artistic skills
  • An opportunity for students to participate in a complete dramatic work of art from start to finish
  • A project which involves student kinesthetically, vocally, emotionally, artistically and creatively
  • A project that provides many leadership opportunities
  • An opportunity through which students will develop an appreciation for how theater productions are accomplished
  • Exposure to backstage/set-design/construction
  • A lot of hard work and a lot of fun 
*The photos below were taken during a dress rehearsal.

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