Heritage Awards

The Orchard School
Heritage Awards

Each year The Orchard School recognizes individuals who personify the School's mission through outstanding achievements and contributions. We are currently seeking nominations for the 2021 Heritage Awards. Please click the button below to make your nomination by April 12th.
Distinguished Alumnus/Alumna Award
Established in 1985. In recognition of an alumnus/a who personifies the mission of The Orchard School by developing knowledge, confidence and character essential for a life of learning, leadership and positive contribution to society.
Distinguished Friend Award
Established in 1985. Recognizes an individual who lives the values expressed in Orchard’s mission by nurturing and supporting the school. 
Bruce A. Chalker ’65 Distinguished Volunteer Award
Established in 1993. Honors someone who shares extraordinary time and expertise with Orchard, engaging our community through leadership and service.
Gordon H. Thompson Lifetime Achievement Award
Established in 2002. To honor and recognize an individual whose commitment, dedication and advocacy have served The Orchard School for 25 years or more.

Exemplar of Excellence Award
Established in 2016. In recognition of an individual whose work has made a major impact on The Orchard School. This individual displays Orchard's core values along with an outstanding commitment to the school, its students, and fellow members of the Orchard community. The winner of this award demonstrates a passion for Orchard that sets a standard for all to emulate. 

Distinguished G.O.L.D (Graduate Othe Last Decade) Award
Established in 2020. In recognition of an alumnus/a who has graduated from Orchard in the last ten years and has made a significant impact in the community, their education, or career while maintaining Orchard’s Core Values. This alumnus/a sets the pace for future generations of Orchard Alumni leaders and life-long learners. 
Previous Heritage Award Winners

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  • Distinguished Alumnus/Alumna Award

    1985Ambassador Richard Fairbanks '54
    1986Stephen Wainwright, Ph.D. '45
    1987Page Losche Morrison '65
    1988Mary Vance Tent '28
    1989Robert Breunig, Ph.D. '60
    1990Florence Gipe Krahn '29
    1990Judith Preston Davis '32, Patricia Jameson Cochran '33, Jane Adams Appel '33, Nancy Sewell Wollen '41 & Catherine Stout Bayse '65
    1991Stuart Lowery '77
    1992Marianne Williams Tobias, PH.D. '54
    1993Eleanor Appel Golden '37
    1994Philip Hahl, Ph.D. '48
    1995Alice O'Neal Dye '40
    1996William Barnes Calwell '62
    1997No Award
    1998Robert D. Robinson M.D. '45
    1999Martin S. Moore '49
    2000Margaret Morris Haviland, Ph.D. '75
    2001Anne (Dede) Neal Petri '69
    2002Jonathan Birge '53
    2003Ann Johnston Dean '34
    2004Victor Jose '36
    2005No Award
    2006Jarpn Henrie-McCrea '97
    2007H. Roll McLaughlin '37
    2008Jennifer Trainer Thompson '69
    2009Scott Stokes '89 & Robyn Stokes '92
    2010Fitz '68 & Jane Elder '69 Kunz
    2011No Award
    2012No Award
    2013No Award
    2014No Award
    2015William Elder '65
    2016Abigail Boldt '13 & Eibhlin Ewald '15
    2017Class of 1945
    2018Alan Henderson '87
    2019Alumni Heritage Association Pioneering Members: Ann Dean, Patty Cochran, Jeanette Stokely, Ruthie Linsmith, Don Hippensteel, Susie Gould, and Jim Richter
    2020Mary Bookwalter '62
  • Distinguished Friend Award

    1985Sprague & Sherry Gardiner
    1986Vera Hunte
    1987Fred Lorenz
    1988Alfred Stokely
    1989Gordon H. Thompson
    1990Helena Marlowe
    1990No Award
    1991Robert D. Gruen
    1992Herb Sweet
    1993Josephine Crane Nelson
    1994Evelyn Fortune Bartlet
    1995Harrison & Sonja Eiteljorg
    1996Sue Anne Gilroy
    1997No Award
    1998John Schaust
    1999Morris L. Maurer
    2000Cecy Griffith
    2001Gwen Fountain
    2002Caterina Cregor Blitzer
    2003Ann Johnston Dean '34
    2004Bill Wick & Lucy Holliday Wick '40
    2005Bob & Helen Haddad
    2006Pat Van Valer
    2007Fred & Mary Caito
    2008Jeff & Sara Dugdale
    2009No Award
    2010No Award
    2011No Award
    2012No Award
    2013No Award
    2014No Award
    2015Suzanne Fehsenfeld
    2016Cathy Rooney
    2017Philip & Dorothea Genetos
    2018Jen & Jeff '75 Cohen
    2019Julie Richter
    2020Ann Merkel at National Bank of Indianapolis 
  • Bruce A. Chalker ’65 Distinguished Volunteer Award

    1993Dr. Bruce A. Chalker '65
    1994Diana Chambers Leslie
    1995Needham & Mary Lou Hurst
    1996Philip & Dorothea Genetos
    1997No Award
    1998Deborah Nelson
    1999Barbara & Joseph Cronin
    2000Mary Allen, Jane Harvey & Mary Alice Moon
    2001Kerry Dinneen & Sam Sutphin '68
    2002Mike Layden
    2003Abby Smith
    2004Patti Halloran
    2005Lisa Hurst
    2006Ruthie Adams Linsmith '54
    2007Dana Cristee
    2008Jennifer Wagle '87
    2009No Award
    2010No Award
    2011No Award
    2012No Award
    2013No Award
    2014No Award
    2015Alex Wilmore
    2016Elliott Pruitt
    2017Ann Murray
    2018Kristy Cross Sherman '88
    2019Orchard in Bloom Co-Founders Cathy Hurst Meyer and Nora Hiatt
    2020Rick Roberts
  • Gordon H. Thompson Lifetime Achievement Award

    2002Gordon H. Thompson 
    2003Betsy Dustman
    2004Peg Sharples
    2005Marcia Fidler
    2006Donna Bonifield
    2007Steve Thompson '63
    2008No Award
    2009No Award
    2010No Award
    2011No Award
    2012No Award
    2013No Award
    2014No Award
    2015Jody Baker
    2016Jonathan Birge '53
    2017Alice Lorenz, Helen Holdeman & Linda Norton
    2018Diana Shellhaas
    2019Deb Brown and Mike Brown
    2020Karen Dean
  • Exemplar of Excellence Award

    2016Marcia Fidler
    2017Deborah Thornburgh
    2018Steve Thompson '63
    2019Dan Appel
    2020Alyce Edwards
  • Distinguished G.O.L.D (Graduate Of the Last Decade) Award

    2020Sophia Pruitt '17